Server Real IP address disclosure

Hi, there.
See, my blog is updating faster than Flash was jerking off, isn’t it? By the way, shame on me for that long inactive period here. It’s happening because of many projects right now and because of my fat lazy ass of course. I’ll try write here often and more interesting.
Ok, a minute of self-criticism is over and let’s start.
Today I want to share with you simple method to find real IP of the server. This is not kind of private or secret information, it is just structured and located in one place.
There are so many DDoS protectors and IP hiders things today.
You know, services like Cloudflare and Incapsula and Qrator, I see it all the time at blackbox testing.
I have some steps that I’m always repeating to win almost sets in “Find real IP” game. Here they are.